Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Episode 29: Balancing and Prioritizing the Instruction Load

Listen to the podcast (mp3, ~60 minutes)

Rachel, Jason, and Anna share possible strategies instructors can take to relieve instruction-related stress, especially stress revolving around instruction load and setting priorities. The Adventures in Library Instruction trio also discuss programmatic, department-wide strategies to help keep library instructors energized.

Show Notes:
  • Jason's [with Sarah Steiner] Simmons College SLIS continuing education course, Instruction Librarian Boot Camp, coming in November;
  • Pellergino, Catherine. "Why it matters how faculty view librarians." Spurious Tuples (Personal Blog). August 26, 2011).
  • What Students Don't Know - 2-year anthropological study of Illinois libraries studying students' research habits and library interactivity;
  • Library Society of the World FriendFeed discussion about managing instruction loads;
  • Farkas, Meredith. “Tutorials that matter. (Technology in Practice).” American Libraries. (August 10, 2011). [re: integrating learning objects strategically in the discipline curricula] 
  • The Instruction Balance, coordinated by ACRL’s Instruction Section’s Teaching Methods Committee and Education Committee, January 22, 2006, San Antonio, TX [check out the accompanying bibliography -- a bit dated, but some good resources]
  • Picture of Rachel's monkey costume (sans makeup):


  1. Hello all! Thanks for the podcast!
    Just wanted to mention I HAVE taught twitter with 3x5 cards. :) I had them create a profile, picture and one comment then stand up go and share that comment with someone else. It was a introductory type of thing that worked to get non-online/social folks acquainted with twitter!

  2. I love it!!!!

    I kept thinking..."if I can get some post its and some string, i just might make this work...."

    Thanks for sharing your experience....