Friday, August 24, 2012

Episode 39: Back to School with Bibliometrics and Manga

Listen to the podcast (mp3, ~60 minutes)

This month we're joined by Robin Chin Roemer, Communication Librarian (and Rachel's colleague) from American University. The discussion covers topics from orientation to Manga to flipped classrooms to bibliometrics to outreach, showcasing the variety of endeavors, we, as instruction librarians take on in the beginning of the school year (or in Anna's case, the end of the summer).

~02:30 --> Jason's updates, including attending an ethics workshop for Communication graduate students, as well as delivering the budget cut news to his faculty

~10:30 --> Anna's instruction updates, including a recent website creation workshop and an upcoming LinkedIn workshop

~19:00 --> Rachel's instruction endeavors, including her orientation (a la treasure hunt and monkey costumes) and a flipped classroom strategy in an ENVS 250 course

~37:00 --> Robin's upcoming instruction and orientation sessions, including bibliometrics workshops for new faculty to measure scholarly impact, as well as her instructional roll for a Collection Development course in a library science program in the Washington, DC area.

~55:00 --> Impromptu discussion about the people (or are they robots) behind the services in the library.

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