Sunday, September 20, 2009

ALI Episode 6, September 2009: fall classes and interview with Kim Duckett

Play the episode (mp3, 1 hour 5 minutes)

Part I (00:45-34:00; approx. 34 minutes)

We talk a bit about classes each of us have taught or are preparing to teach. Anna's tackling a class for October, which is set up as a social networking Q&A session for parents and teens. Jason taught a class about games as a guest speaker in a for-credit library course. Rachel's deep in preparation for a class where students may or may not have topics, the professor requested specific tools to be demonstrated, and it's at 8:30 in the morning to boot! We discussed tactics she could use to keep the students engaged.

  • Serious Game explanation via Wikipedia
  • America's Army
  • Passage
  • ACRL Webcast: Podcasting October 1st at 2pm Eastern
  • Internet Librarian 2009: Jason will be conducting a 15-minute Cybertour re: Podcasting
  • Conger, J. (2001). Wake up that back row: interactive library instruction without hands-on student computers. In C. Hales Mabry (Ed.), Doing the work of reference: practical tips for excelling as a reference librarian (pp. 309-322). Binghamton, NY: Haworth.

Part II (34:00-1:04:00; approx. 30 minutes)

Interview with Kim Duckett, Principal Librarian for Digital Technologies & Learning from North Carolina State University, about her involvement with creating contextual e-learning resources

Note: Kim wishes to thank those who have been critical to the creation of these projects: Hyun-Duck Chung, Dre Orphanides, Josh Wilson, Eleanor Smith, Emily Mazure, Sarah Bankston, and Susan Baker.

Join us for future episodes! If you’re interested, please post a comment on the Adventures in Library Instruction blog or email us! We’ll do it as a Skype discussion or you can record a segment on your own.

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