Friday, April 10, 2009

Episode 1: April 2009

Wow. We got all excited about the first episode and went on talking for a while! We'll try to keep future episodes under an hour. First Anna, Rachel and Jason have a chat about how we ended up in the library classroom and what we think about that. Anna discusses the Cephalonian Method and Rachel talks about Critical Evaluation Family Feud, two active learning activities, and Jason interviews library consultant and author Beth Gallaway about gaming as a teaching tool.

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Cephalonian Method:

Family Feud:

  • Just, Marcel Adam. "Interdependence of Nonoverlapping Cortical Systems in Dual Cognitive Tasks." NeuroImage 14 (2001): 417-26.
  • Blakeslee, Sandra. "Car Calls May Leave Brain Short-Handed." New York Times 31 July 2001.
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  • McNeil, Donald G., Jr. "Moise Nose Shows Promise in Tracking Down Cancers." New York Times 28 September 2004.
  • Qualls, Lori. "He's convinced dog can detect cancer." Midland Daily News 27 January 2008.
Beth Gallaway on gaming:
  • Harris, Amy. Gaming in Academic Libraries: Collections, Marketing, andInformation Literacy. Chicago: ACRL, 2008.
  • Gallaway, Beth. Game On: Gaming in Libraries, Neal Schuman, 2009.
  • Neiburger, Eli. Gamers... In the Library?! ALA, 2007


  1. Great podcast! Looking forward to future episodes. One topic I have a great interest in (although it may not interest many others) is synchronous instruction for distance learners (e.g. is it possible to be a "guide on the side" in that kind of environment, online gaming in distance instruction, technologies for delivery, instruction issues w/ adult learners vs. trad. college-age learners, etc.).

  2. Great stuff! Glad to hear people talking about instruction. Can't wait for more!

  3. Dana -- great ideas, thank you!

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  5. Linkage corrected -- thanks, Polly!

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback! Please keep those suggestions coming! ~Anna

  7. Great to have an instruction specific show on the podcast airwaves. You should tap Lauren Pressley who is fantastic in North Carollina and Nini Beegen from Maryland's State Library Office specifically around instructional design.

    And Jason thanks for the shoutout. We love talking instructional development and would love it if any or all of you came on T is for Training when time permits.

    I also put your podcast on our podcasts we like links.

  8. Hi, Lori. I believe Jason is getting getting the program listed into iTunes sometime this weekend or early next week!


  9. Not yet -- I'll post on the blog when it's there.

  10. Listened and loved the show. Agree with you about recording and videoing. It is hard but it is the single best thing you can do to improve your skills as a presenter. Keep up the great work!

  11. Listening and commenting. Thanks for taking the initiative for this great podcast. Your RSS is now on our Lib Guides page for Library Instruction.

  12. That's awesome, Miranda! Thanks!